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Bài gửiTiêu đề: Thanh ngu Tieng Anh Thuong mai Bai 2   Tue Aug 24, 2010 10:10 am

back-of-the-envelope calculations
quick calculations; estimates using approximate numbers, in¬stead of exact numbers
EXAMPLE: I don't need the exact numbers right now. Just give me some back-of-the-envelope calculations.

educated guess
a guess based on experience; a piece of information based on prior knowledge, not hard facts or data
EXAMPLE: I'd say there are about a million potential consumers for your new line of cosmetics, but that's just an educated guess.

in hot water
in trouble
EXAMPLE: Ian was in hot water with the government after he was caught making illegal copies of software.

(to) crunch the numbers
to perform financial calculations
EXAMPLE: Reed Corporation is thinking about buying a small company. First, they'll need to crunch the numbers and see if their acquisition will be profitable.

NOTE: You will also see the noun form of this expression, "number cruncher," used to describe somebody who makes a lot of financial calculations as part of his or her job.

(it or that) blows my mind
it bothers me; it really surprises me; it amazes me
EXAMPLE: It blows my mind that our company is trying to save money by taking away our free coffee service.

(to) run (the) numbers
to perform financial calculations
EXAMPLE: Should we lease or buy the equipment? We'll need to run the numbers to help us make the decision.

in the red
losing money; when expenses are greater than revenues
EXAMPLE: We need to do something to start making profits. If we're in the red for one more quarter, we're going to go out of business.
NOTE: This expression comes from the accounting practice of marking debits (subtractions to the account) in red and credits (additions to the account) in black. The opposite of "in the red" is "in the black," meaning profitable.

one's head is on the chopping block
in a position where one is likely to be fired or get in trouble
EXAMPLE: After Earthy Foods released a frozen dinner that made many consumers sick, their CEO's head was on the chopping block.
NOTE: A chopping block is a piece of wood on which food or wood is chopped. Having your head" on the block would suggest that it is going to be cut off. Fortunately, the meaning here is not literal. If your head is on the chopping block, you might lose your job, but at least you'll still have your head!

(to) give somebody the green light

to give permission to move forward with a project
EXAMPLE: Super Software's Moscow office has developed its own regional advertising campaign. They hope that headquarters in California will give them the green light to proceed with the campaign.

(to) break even
to make neither a profit or a loss; the point at which revenues equal costs
EXAMPLE: You broke even during your first year in business? That's good since most companies lose money during their first year.

(to) pull the plug
to put a stop to a project or initiative, usually because it's not going well; to stop something from moving forward; to discontinue
EXAMPLE: After losing millions of dollars drilling for oil in Ne¬braska and finding nothing, the oil company finally pulled the plug on its exploration project.

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