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 Jacques Rogge wants running track left at 2012 stadium

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Bài gửiTiêu đề: Jacques Rogge wants running track left at 2012 stadium    Fri Jan 14, 2011 4:04 pm

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IOC favours track legacy for 2012 stadium

The International Olympic Committee would like the London 2012 Olympic Stadium running track to be retained, but it has no power over the decision.
Tottenham propose removing the track in their bid to take over the site, but West Ham's rival offer would keep it.
IOC president Jacques Rogge said it "would not intervene" in the issue although he wants an athletics legacy.
The Olympic Park Legacy Committee (OPLC) is due to recommend who should take over the stadium by 28 January.
With the OPLC's decision date looming, Rogge admitted: "We would favour a solution with a track legacy - that goes without saying.
"But the decision is in the hands of the OPLC along with UK Athletics and LOCOG.

If Spurs move to Stratford they should remove the word Tottenham from their name as it will no longer be relevant to the club
"If a solution could be found for the track we would be happy, but don't expect the IOC to intervene in an issue where we are not responsible."
Any decision will also have to be agreed by London mayor Boris Johnson and the government.
The OPLC has previously made it clear that it is keen to ensure a legacy for athletics at the site, something West Ham's bid appears sympathetic to.
However, Tottenham's architect, David Keirle, made a counter-argument, saying parts of the existing stadium may be taken down and used to help rebuild the Crystal Palace athletics venue, should their bid be favoured.
The Olympic Stadium is not the only option Tottenham are pursuing. Last year they received planning permission from Haringey Council for redeveloping their present home at White Hart Lane, which is called the Northumberland Development Project.

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Jacques Rogge wants running track left at 2012 stadium
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